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Reggae time


Couplet 1

This a music gives me great sensation

The only remedy for all mankind

Open up your heart to this vibration

Come along and let’s have reggae time


This is my reggae time

I give it for you one time

I give it for you two times

I give it for you three times

I give it for you four times

Oh ! Reggae time

But in my days of rain

For the sun to shine

When you feel the pain

To make you feel so fine



Couplet 2

Do what you want but move your body

Coming next is love to free your mind

While the music’s playing in the party

Wake up and  live this reggae time


Reggae in NY - reggae in Bankok
Reggae in Africa - In Jamaica
Reggae in Europa - reggae Asia
Reggae in the Pacific - reggae is magic

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