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Beer & Chocolate


Under the tree and in the shade

Behind the rustic garden gate

Across the flowers pink & red

Where I love to lay my head



So darling please don’t be late

Cause I don’t wanna miss the sunset

When night & day go to separate

I swear the best has nos come yet



Tomorrow’s gonna be a new outset

We can go on for a little break

So we can make this a special date

The time has come don’t be afraid



Sitting down tryin’ to forget

This hard life we did not expect

So we took time & appreciate

We had some beer & chocolate

This melody in my deep intention

Will bring us harmony in this lovely place

This lulaby is for the celebration

So there will always be a smile in your face



It won’t take much words to conclude

I hope that you have understood

The way things go I think it's good

For now we are in the right mood

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